Josef Fritzl’s House and ‘Dungeon’ Sold to strip club owner

Josef Fritzl House Sold

The proprietor of a strip club purchased the home where Josef Fritzl held captive his 24-year-old daughter and had seven children with her.

The home in Amstetten, 70 miles west of Vienna, Austria, according to Walter Anzboeck, the estate’s liquidator, was sold for 160,000 euros (about £135,000).

Herbert Hauska, the owner of a nearby strip club, revealed to the state media that he and his business partner had purchased the structure with the intention of converting it into apartments.

He said that it was time to “draw the curtain” on the history of the house.

It cannot remain vacant indefinitely. We must breathe life into it. According to Mr Hauska, who owns the Amstetten nightclub Bar Josefine, where female dancers strip on stage and offer patrons lap dances, in two years it will be a house like to any other.

The property will be used to accommodate Mr. Hauska’s employees, who also run the Bar Josefine.

We need employee flats since we have a lot of trainees, some of whom are from the adjacent towns of Persenbeug and Ybbs, he told the Niederoesterreichische Nachrichten in Austria.

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