Josef Fritzl will not be transferred to a regular prison.

The Higher Regional Court in Vienna decided  that Josef Fritzl would not be moved from a secure mental hospital to a regular prison.

Fritzl might have asked for conditional release after 15 years in a standard jail, as opposed to the Krems-Stein detention centre where he is currently detained.

After holding his daughter captive for 24 years and raping her numerous times, Fritzl was found guilty in 2009 and given a life sentence.

The Austrian capital’s court has now declared that Fritzl will continue to be “in an institution for mentally abnormal lawbreakers.”

The 87-year-old was required to transfer to an alternative prison under specified conditions by the Krems regional court in April. The public prosecutor’s office in Krems, however, appealed this decision.

That appeal has now been accepted by the Vienna Higher Regional Court.

The court ruled that Fritzl had to stay in a secure mental hospital since there were no “convincing indications” that he was no longer a danger.

What offences did Fritzl commit?
After his daughter Elisabeth turned 18 in August 1984, Fritzl took her into their home’s basement, where she was held captive until 2008.

During this time, Fritzl regularly raped her, which resulted in the birth of seven children.

He was found to have contributed to the death of one newborn by refusing to call for aid even though he was aware the child was at risk of passing away.

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