There is no indication that Josef Fritzl will be released from prison anytime soon. Fritzl was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2009 for murder, enslavement, rape, and incest, and has been serving his sentence in a secure psychiatric facility in Austria since his conviction.

While there have been reports in the past suggesting that Fritzl could be released early if he passed psychological exams or if his health deteriorated, there is no recent information available on his current state of health or whether he is being considered for release.

He is said to be extremely unpopular with other inmates and has to be kept in solitary confinement with four guards watching him.

In March 2016, Fritzl lost several teeth after getting into a punch-up with another inmate after prisoners set up a fake online dating profile for him.

In 2017, Fritzl paid 545.60 euros (£462) to have his surname changed to Mayrhoff.

Unnamed inmates claimed that Fritzl, otherwise known as prisoner HNR 90632, wants to spend the last days of his life in ‘anonymity’. 

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