Did Josef Fritzl have brothers and sisters?

Fritzl’s Siblings

This is what We Know About Josef Fritzl’s Brothers and Sisters:

The horrifying crimes Josef Fritzl committed against his daughter Elisabeth, whom he imprisoned in his cellar for 24 years, are what made him infamous. On the other hand, little is known about his siblings. At the time of his imprisonment, Josef Fritzl’s twelve siblings were between the ages of 32 and 70.

Josef Fritzl’s siblings were not frequently spotted in public because the Fritzl family had a reputation for being private. Nevertheless, upon his imprisonment, a number of his siblings spoke out about their brother and the crimes he committed. Josef Fritzl’s brother, who desired to remain unnamed, claimed that he had not spoken to him in years and that he was “ashamed” of his brother’s acts.

Background of Josef Fritzl’s Family
Josef Fritzl was born on April 9, 1935, to Josef and Maria Fritzl in Amstetten, Austria. He was the youngest of four children and the only son. Theresia, Rosemarie, and Christine were the names of his three sisters.

Josef’s father, who had the same name, was a harsh and violent man who frequently beat his wife and kids. He served in the German Wehrmacht during World War II and was a member of the Nazi Party. He spent several years in prison after the war, thanks to the Soviet Union.

Maria, Josef’s mother, was a stay-at-home mom who struggled with depression and was frequently absent from the house. She passed away in 1980, and Josef was deeply affected by her passing.

The oldest Fritzl sibling, Theresia, was born in 1929. Besides getting married and having six kids, not much is known about her life. Rosemarie, who was born in 1940, wed Fritz, and the two of them had three kids. Christine, who was born in 1951, had two children with Ernst after they got married.

Josef Fritzl grew up to be a wealthy businessman and owned a number of properties in Amstetten despite the abuse and turmoil in his family. But soon his dark secrets would be exposed, and he was to become one of the most infamous criminals in Austrian history.

Siblings of Josef Fritzl
The notorious Austrian criminal Josef Fritzl had a total of twelve siblings. On April 9, 1935, he was born in Amstetten, Austria, to Josef Fritzl Sr. and Maria Fritzl. The following list of Josef Fritzl’s siblings is presented in order of age:

Herta, Elfriede, Maria, Johann, Rosmarie, Josef, Gertrude, Alois, Anna, Margarete, Hedwig, and Christine.

Only two of the twelve siblings were known to have participated in Josef Fritzl’s crimes. Christine R., his sister-in-law, apparently knew about the predicament and even paid Elisabeth a visit in the cellar. Johann, his brother, was also aware of the circumstances and even assisted Josef Fritzl in constructing the dungeon where Elisabeth was imprisoned.

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